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The ‘Craft Fair’

Updated: May 28, 2020

We started to find new customers and Forever Beads fans at local craft fairs. We would attend these little fairs in school halls and church halls, set our little table up and display our jewellery.

My eldest son Alec now business partner suggested he could build a website. He has such a creative brain and with his influence the Forever Beads brand has grown very quickly but it hasn’t been an easy task competing with the big high street brands. They spend huge amounts on advertising and marketing.

Alec has taken us from our little table at craft fairs to exhibiting our brand at some of the most prestigious events all over the country. I remember doing our first event at the NEC, how nervous we both were, we had never spent so much money on a show.

Now we attend anything from food festivals, flower shows and many of the horse event trials, these lead to our equestrian range being launched. A lot of our customers who loved their horses told us how limited equestrian charms were, this encouraged us to create a bigger range. We also specialise in dog charms as they were quite limited too and we are constantly adding new breeds to the range, keep checking to see if your little dog is there...

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