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Our Story

Forever Beads started really with my love/obsession with jewellery. I love the idea of creating something different and that is exactly what you can do with charms and colourful beads. You can create YOUR style, be it your memories and milestones or simply matching to certain outfits. I adore vintage timeless jewellery, I find jewellery on the high street all very similar and certainly nothing unique.


I started designing rings and earrings from my vintage passion and mixing and creating this with a touch of contemporary styling.


From extremely expensive styles I have created my own look but using silver rather than platinum and gold and cubic zirconium rather than diamonds, making them affordable to everyone or to simply take on holiday.


I love diamonds who doesn’t… but I think unless you have a high grade colour or clarity whats the point. Then of course my creative partner/son came on board and together with his genius and creativeness Forever Beads and jewellery came alive.

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